X- Men; First Trash…Or maybe not.

Here are a few pics from X Men; First Class that leaked yesterday which look like shitballs USA.

Twentieth Century Fox

And some close ups.

Twentieth Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox

Unless director Matthew Vaughn is planning on going all Speed Racer with the imagery, I find these costumes and make-up jobs sub par. It reminds me of the opening scene to the Power Rangers Movie where they are all skydiving into our hearts. [It was what it was, am I right?] I get that this is supposed to me mildly 60’s inspired, but even the White Queen can’t be THAT rediculous. [can she?] Here are more pics that seem less offensive.

Twentieth Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox

So there you have it. A bunch of sitting. This last picture makes me a bit incomfortable. Something about white people in peacoats makes me want to hide and write in my diary.


2 thoughts on “X- Men; First Trash…Or maybe not.

  1. So…i was already skeptical about this whole movie when i first heard about it and now im just slowly loosing interest…Kevin Bacon as Henshaw really? Henshaw is suppose to be bulky? Why is Moira in the x-men? i thought she was a normal human that helped mutants not an actual mutant herself…i know her and charles had a fling and maybe a child. Mystique looks the youngest out of all…and they are not even using the original xmen except for Beast…in full beast form…which that came later but whatev…and i thought the guy from Kickass was playing Scott Summers..now we are getting Havok instead? im so confused…i recently just watched X2…and i just cry as to how awsome Bryan Singer’s X3 would have been with the real Phoenix instead he went and messed up superman…le sigh

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