Wizard Magazine; Quite a Spell

As a kid I never followed D.C. comics. You’ll here me joke on the podcast about how I am NOT a D.C. and that’s why Aaron M. & Windiebird are there to keep me abreast of all of the happenings in that world. As a kid I saw superman and batman, and really didn’t think anything of them because frankly, I couldn’t identify with hunky good looking white guys.

Then in 1992, two months after I turned nine, X-Men debuted on Fox Kids. I was in love. They fought to exist, not just to save others for the sake of with great power comes great responsibility. I started collecting comics and cards and soon found my comic equivalent to Vanity Fair, Wizard Magazine.

Wizard #95 Cover by Alex Ross

I remember my favorite spreads were in regards to which stars would play which heroes should they ever make a movie about a particular comic. Remember when they said Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise should play Jean & Cyclops? Ick. But at the time, I whole heartedly pictured his 5’7″ frame in a skin tight blue suit.  Those were the days. [when I thought Tom Cruise was handsome] They were really spot on with Patrick Stewart playing Professor X.

With so many memories it is hard to see the magazine go. Wizard World will continue online and will launch in February, but like those who reject the Kindle in favor of the feeling of paper and print, things will never be the same. 



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