Arrows for the Wonder Teens!

(Cover by Mauro Cascioli, DC Comics)

One-ish sentence preview excitement, goooooo! Green Arrow 8 gives us my favorite of the simple DC covers, the Demon, a new villain named Black Arrow (Merlyn doesn’t count, I guess) and some well-fletched fun!

(Cover by Felipe Massafera, DC Comics)

JLA/The 99 4 means more of my favorite team-up title in recent memory, microscopic Starro karate-chop action and the JLA and The 99 collectively kicking ass and taking those names!

(Cover by Aaron Lopresti, DC Comics)

Generation Lost 18 is part two of Power Girl’s beat down on the JLI, Max Lord waterboarding Beetle, Batman taking a hint and butterfly kisses for Rocket Red?

(Cover by Shane Davis & Sandra Hope, DC Comics)

In JSA 47, Dr. Chaos comes to Monument Point with a score to settle against the JSA while more and more heroes continue to join the Society’s society (Manhunter and Blue Devil this issue!).

(Cover by Cliff Chiang, DC Comics)

The Shazam! one-shot is sure to be my favorite part of Titans and has Blaze offering the Batsons power once again; somehow Freddy and Osiris play into the deal as well and you know I’m always up for a Shazam family read!

(Cover by Nicola Scott & Doug Hazlewood, DC Comics)

Teen Titans 91 is full on friendship once again as Robin and Ravager take on the Feral Boys alone while Raven gets in Headcase’s…head. Rrrrrrrrrrr.

(Cover by Don Kramer & Jay Leisten, DC Comics)

Wonder Woman 606 has our Princess tracking down the Morrigan and running into a murderous Huntsman god! Phillipus is the badass protector of Diana in this time warp but might be seeing the end of her line if Ms. Prince can’t step up and save her from the centaur deity…

(Cover by Stephane Roux, DC Comics)

Zatanna 9 unlocks a repressed memory from our heroine’s childhood and puts her in the precarious position of placing her would-be killer free from his puppet-y curse! Gold stars all the way through for this series.

(Cover by Rafael Albuquerque, Vertigo Comics)

It’s booze, bootleggers and Skinner Sweet for Pearl and Henry in American Vampire 11 and this two-parter is sure to be another pleasing arc in the series!

(Cover by Greg Land, Marvel Comics)

Uncanny X-Men 532 reveals the price of a cure for the Utopia mutants, just what an enraged and uncaged Sebastian Shaw will do and hopefully much, much more of this new X-Team formed in San Francisco during this time of crisis. *cough cough*



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