Justice Woman

Sorry for the messed up pair of weeks on my usual roundup, it’s been a wacky winter here in Texas! On to the goodness!

(Cover by Mike McKone, Marvel Comics)

Avengers Academy 9 claims to finally address the big question mark hanging over Finesse: just what role does Taskmaster play in her life? The series took a crazy twist right away but it’s consistently a must-buy for me.

(Cover by David Finch & Scott Williams, DC Comics)

In Brightest Day 20 it’s all-out Aquawar (I guess an entire issue focusing on one story thread?! *le gasp*) as Aquaman and Lad, along with Mera and a surprise guest face off against the forces of Siren and Black Manta for the very waters of the world!

(Cover by Olivier Coipel, Marvel Comics)

Generation Hope 4 promises a face-off between Teon and Wolverine as the Five Lights adjust to life on Utopia after the Tokyo catastrophe. I can’t wait to find out how closely they depend on Hope and just what her existence means now that she’s collected her flock.

(Cover by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy, DC Comics)

Green Lantern 62 brings us the conclusion of the New Guardians story arc! Jordan and Sinestro must make a great sacrifice to protect the entities as a member of the Green corps betrays everyone, paving the way for the War of the Green Lanterns.

(Cover by Tyler Kirkham & BATT, DC Comics)

Firestorm guest stars in Green Lantern Corps 57, the battle-filled conclusion to The Weaponer plot! It’s the Qwardians, the Green Lantern Honor Guard and the Sinestro Corps in a winner-take-all brawl and Sinestro doesn’t play nicely with folks that challenge him. That White Lantern goo can only protect the Weaponer from so much…

(Cover by Brett Booth, DC Comics)

JLA 54 begins the Rise of Eclipso and I couldn’t be more excited for this story or this team! Diversity and some crazy-powerful classic baddies to test the team, I’m all about it. Bruce Gordon returns with the evil entity in tow and starts controlling the JLA. Jade and Obsidian (woohoo, he’s back in a comic!) are slated to be the only real defense the team has, let’s hope they don’t go bonkers again.

(Cover by Don Kramer & Jay Leisten, DC Comics)

Wonder Woman 607 brings us more of the good-and-getting-better retooling of the JMS retooling! Phil Hester is doing great stuff with the pre-plotted framework and even manages a Jason and the Argonauts homage this issue! It’s fighting, old foes and battle sisters as Diana attempts to get to the bottom of her stained glass reality. If you’re even kind of interested in Wonder Woman, get on board before too many issues pass you by!



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