Age of Lost Arrows

(Cover by Rafael Albuquerque, Vertigo Comics)

American Vampire 12 has Rafael Albuquerque taking a break on art duties for a one-shot detailing Skinner Sweet’s head on collision with the 20th century. Old enemies and faces are solicited to appear when Skinner finds himself at an Old West show…

(Cover by Rodolfo Migliari, DC Comics)

More forest, more Demon and more of the best archer of all time in Green Arrow 9 as friend and foe assault the Star City Forest. This series is a little too Brightest-Day-centric for some GA fans but there’s enough arrow-y goodness for my tastes. J.T. Krul is still bringing green pastures as far as I’m concerned.

(Cover by Dustin Nguyen, DC Comics)

Generation Lost 20 promises to be the big reveal issue we’ve all been waiting for! Max’s pieces are all in position for his endgame to begin and we’ll be learning just what does make Maxwell Lord tick and why he’s so into domination/submission. This is the book of the event, easily.

(Cover by Felipe Massafera, DC Comics)

JLA/The 99 5 is sure to bring more of the same over-the-top superheroics that have made this miniseries such a joy to read so far! The City of Tomorrow has gotten legs and Starro is doing hir conquering thing! Not necessarily a deep comic but pure fun the whole way through and a much needed spotlight on The 99!

(Cover by Scott Kolins, DC Comics)

JSA 48 reveals more of Scythe’s cohorts as Monument Point can’t seem to catch a break. Terrorism, heroes at the end of their ropes and a mystical journey with Doctor Fate should make this another interesting issue in Marc Guggenheim’s JSA re-tooling.

(Cover by Mico Suayan, Marte Gracia, Clay Mann, Jay Leisten , Brian Reber, Marvel Comics)

New Mutants 22 is part two of the Age of X and, boy, do I love getting two chapters of this at once! With the mutants of the world huddled together in the violent dark, could there be a conspiracy from within their ranks to betray them? Slick designs, survivalist themes and superpowers are the flavors here and they’re cooked perfectly.

(Cover by Georges Jeanty & Rob Hunter, DC Comics)

Teen Titans 92 continues the crossover from Red Robin with the Teen Titans back together and a plethora of Calculator-bots ready to blow! One Robin remains after the dust settles but the TT creative team can do no wrong, as far as I’m concerned.

(Cover by Greg Land, Marvel Comics)

Uncanny X-Men 533 is part 4 of 5 in the Sublime Corporation storyline and the chemical that turns regular folks into mutants is hitting the public markets! Most of the mutant population is sick on Utopia but the totally excellent beta team on the mainland is kicking it into high gear to save the day!

(Cover by Leinil Yu, Marvel Comics)

X-Men Legacy 245 officially kicks off the Age of X with the Alpha issue being a prelude to the main event presented here. It’s another gritty elseworld where the mutants of the world are violently targeted and forced to band together before they find themselves snuffed out completely. The grimdark modern sensibility of many violent comics can be too much for me but there was a tremendous amount of depth to the Alpha stories. I’m in for the whole event and it’s a decision I’m totally sure about already.



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