Two Whole Comics

(Cover by Tim Bradstreet, Marvel Comics)

Avengers Academy 10 is the first of two comics this week I’m getting (WHUT) but it sure looks promising! The return of the Wasp! A Doctor Strange cameo! Some guy named Korvac settling a score against these young Avengers-to-may-be? We’re promised two issues this month as well so I’m doubly happy to see this book doing so well! Worth every penny, every week it’s on the stands.

(Cover by David Finch, DC Comics)

Brightest Day 21 kicks off the final four issues of this crazy crossover with the convergence of the heroes and villains of the piece in one place for the final battle! Will it be Qward, the Star City Forest, Mars or some place over the Bermuda Triangle? The Aquawar is over and this is going to be one hell of a ride to the finish line!



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