Eclipse Day Sublime Lost X

(Cover by J.H. Williams III, DC Comics)

Batman Incorporated 4 or Batwoman 0.5 as I like to think of it, has the Dark CEO setting up Kate Kane’s own franchise of the Inc. name! I’m honestly just here for the Batwoman-ness of it, moving on.

(Cover by Brett Booth, DC Comics)

JLA 55 is going to be one BUSY comics, y’all. We have Eclipso eating his way through the darkness-based folks of the DCU and soon the JLA itself with Saint walker (yaaay!) slated as their Only Hope while Doomsday is working his own way through the JLA and a few Lanterns looking for Cyborg Superman. I’m excited for Eclipso and kind of just riding the Doomsday wave but together they could make for a truly wild ride.

(Cover by Dustin Nguyen, DC Comics)

Power Girl, Batman and an unnamed 3rd ex-JLI member join the fracas in Generation Lost 22 and the end is in sight! The long-awaited showdown with Max Lord is on the horizon and I would gladly support any kind of JLI spinoff that follows this.

(Cover by Leinil Yu, Marvel Comics)

See?! I read Marvel! New Mutants 23 continues Rogue’s runaway tale as her knowledge of the mutant gulag under the Fortress could mean the end of the status quo in the Age of X. A mysterious man is close on her heels but is he friend or foe (gotta love the magic 8 ball text in solicits sometimes)?

(Cover by Greg Land, Marvel Comics)

Uncanny X-Men 534 is the end of the Quarantine arc and BOY am I over-joyed to have gotten in on it! Greg Land’s women are a little…similar…but for the most part it’s been beautiful art, deep and engaging characters, thought-provoking themes and one badass X-Men team!



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