Wonderful Age of Vampire Justice

(Cover by Simone Bianchi, Marvel Comics)

Age of X: Universe 1 means Bizarro Avengers! What a violent alternate reality these mutants face but I must say, I’m really enjoying the story. Maybe it has something to do with the beautiful art but I’d read anything Age of X at this point.

(Cover by Rafael Albuquerque, Vertigo Comics)

American Vampire 13 sees our Vampires At War! I’m anti-violence but I am pro-reading-about-drama and wartime is a surefire place to find it. It’s going to be great, simple as that. The creative team can do no wrong. At its “worst” the series is just enjoyable and at its best it is one of the best comics I have had the pleasure to read.

(Cover by Rodolfo Migliari, DC Comics)

Brightest Day is drawing to a close and Green Arrow 10 will hopefully bring happier tidings to the Star Forest than, you know, being blown up and demonically infected. Ollie has a special role to play when earth’s new protector emerges and I’ve very much enjoyed Krul’s take on the character so far. Definitely a Brightest Day book right now but it’s clear Krul can take Ollie to some excellent places once that banner is off the title.

(Cover by Felipe Massafera, DC Comics)

JLA/The 99 6 brings this gem to a close and I couldn’t recommend this mini-series more. It’s pure super-heroics with a simple, clear message. Something for everyone in this series and you NEED the trade if you haven’t been getting the single issues.

(Cover by Scott Kolins, DC Comics)

JSA 49 puts Alan Scott in one strange looking Alpha Lantern/Kingdom Come hybrid costume as the newly expanded (helllllll yes, by the way!) team takes on Scythe…again. This time should be the big one though and I’m entirely curious to see what Marc Guggenheim has planned for this Monument Point/Society plotline once the dust settles.

(Cover by Nicola Scott & Doug Hazlewood, DC Comics)

Teen Titans 93 introduces Solstice to the Teen Titans proper as Cassie’s mom runs into interference on an archaeological dig. South Asia in the hooooooouse (I’m pretty excited we get another positive woman of color in the DC repertoire, if you couldn’t tell)!

(Cover by Don Kramer & Jay Leisten, DC Comics)

Dr. Psycho brings the crazy in Wonder Woman 609 this week but I haven’t the foggiest whether he’ll end up helping Diana or ultimately deluding her further. We know from Generation Lost where she ends up but not why or how. It’s been a real trip so far and I’m more and more satisfied with this story.

(Cover by Adam Hughes, DC Comics)

Zatanna 11 spells  the end of Pupaphobia for Zee and what a predicament she’s in! She’s a regular Missus Miracle with this kind of magickal trap and her assured escape. Of  course, Zatanna’s life never stays quiet for long and a newly recuperated Brother Night is more than happy to be the one making a ruckus…



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