May/June/July/August: Event: The Sequeling – Part 86.1

It’s that time of year once again when the big two start pushing and pulling for your summer dollars!

Flashpoint & Fear Itself!

Now, I truly and honestly tried to get into the Fear Itself prologue but neither my boyfriend nor I found much that was compelling about it. He’s a huge Ultimate universe fan and I do love some Marvel mutants…but the Cap and Thor stuff just isn’t something either of us is into. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be there at midnight for both movies, I’m sure, but that doesn’t change my newly evaporated Fear Itself excitement. Sorry, Marvel.

I’ll definitely be getting in on the new Alpha Flight series/tie-in to support two of my favorite things (homosexuals and Canada) but that’s about it.

Flashpoint, on the other hand, has taught me to stop worrying and love the bomb (or, like, the running-really-fast-time-distortion, I guess). At first I was concerned with the lack of well-vetted talent on a majority of the tie-ins and the one-shots but there’s a certain logic to the creative decisions made for this event that has changed my mind. Since this is one big time kerfuffle and only a few changes will make it back to the usual continuity once Flash fixes everything (inevitably) this is a chance for all kinds of new takes on characters. Since these well-known figures are so changed in the Flashpoint world, anyone can write and draw them because…well, it’s all new and all different! It’s also an excellent chance for possibly great new talent to shine or to fail on their own dime. So you bet your sweet red body suit I’ll be trying out the following Flashpoint titles for at least the first issue:


(Cover by Francis Manapul, DC Comics)

The Flash 12, the end of The Flash and the start of Flashpoint! It was fun and beautiful while it lasted. See you at the re-numbering =)


(Cover by Andy Kubert, DC Comics)

Flashpoint 1, here it is! Barry wakes up to a world gone mad and clothes that just don’t want to stick around!


(Cover by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund, DC Comics)

Booster Gold 44 puts the title hero in a similar predicament to Barry’s. Everything’s topsy-turvy! Gold is blue, blue is gold! Looks like he’ll be putting that time travel experience to good use.


(Cover by Dave Johnson, DC Comics)

Batman – Knight of Vengeance 1, I think this could be any of the Bat-males, not just Bruce but whoever the man behind the cowl is, he’s running casinos? CASINOS OF THE NIGHT!!!


(Cover by George Perez, DC Comics)

Secret Seven 1, trippy artwork plus a possible combination of the Secret Six and Seven Soldiers of Victory. Hello, heaven.


(Cover by Shane Davis, DC Comics)

The World of Flashpoint 1, supposedly these are the two main forces waging war in the Flashpointverse. My favorite part of this cover is imagining Barry running around totally naked.


(Cover by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund, DC Comics)

Booster Gold 45, solid goooooold! Legion flight ring in hand, Booster is on a mission to fix things because (see below) Barry is getting the hell electrocuted out of him?


(Cover by Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope, DC Comics)

Flashpoint 2, Pirate-Deathstroke vs. Aquaman! Barry + lightning always means explosive results.


(Cover by Joe Bennett and John Dell, DC Comics)

Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager 1, umm, okay? Pirate-Deathstroke is the hero I didn’t know I needed (but I deserve?)! His ship is his daughter! Freudian.


(Cover by Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes, DC Comics)

Emperor Aquaman 1, c’mon Tony Bedard, make me like Aquaman! Even crazy-times Aquaman who wants to drown everyone and make a 100% Waterworld.


(Cover by Doug Mahnke, DC Comics)

Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown 1, after recently finishing and LOVING Grant Morrison’s 7 Soldiers story, my reaction is pretty much this.


(Cover by Cliff Chiang, DC Comics)

Deadman and the Flying Graysons 1, acrobatics, dead people and the Graysons alive! I could see this being just my style with J.T. Krul writing it (so long as Rise & Fall remains just that one bad night we had together in Bangkok).


(Cover by Francis Manapul, DC Comics)

Grodd of War, psychic gorilla dictator! It’s a one-shot and well worth checking into if for no other reason than the cover (though my interest is genuinely piqued for the story tease).


(Cover by Ed Benes, DC Comics)

Wonder Woman and the Furies 1, laaaadies? I hope this can hold a candle to how purely amazing Phil Hester is making Wonder Woman right now. If she’s a villain in this world…please let her be a kickass one!


(Cover by Francis Manapul, DC Comics)

Kid Flash Lost starring Bart Allen 1, honestly, don’t know the kid much except from J.T. Krul’s current run on Teen Titans and a few random DCU appearances. Anything Flash could be vital to the story though, so I’m in. Plus another Manapul cover! Now we know why The Flash has had so many delays!


(Cover by Eddy Nunez and Sandra Hope, DC Comics)

Lois Lane and the Resistance 1, more women getting titles! Plus, how great is it that Lois is leading the Resistance in the Flashpointverse? What else would a person totally committed to reporting the truth do in a world filled with fascism and lies but push back and try to spread the word? CAN’T WAIT!


(Cover by Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes, DC Comics)

Reverse Flash, he’s almost assuredly the cause of the Flashpoint time disturbance and this event is clearly about clothes and the best methods for removing them! Flash-related one-shot, getting it just in case.


(Cover by Kevin Nowlan, DC Comics)

The Outsider 1, I honestly have no idea what’s going on…but James Robinson writing a self-centered anti-hero has me buying the first issue at least.


(Cover by Viktor Kalvachev, DC Comics)

Green Arrow Industries, Oliver Queen, my secret comics husband in any universe. Those are missiles in his quiver so I guess he’s homicidal to see me? I imagine he’s funding the war on both sides between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. We shall see.


(Cover by Gene Ha, DC Comics)

Project Superman 1, damn Superman, you scary. Scott Snyder writing a new take on the Man of Steel! Yes, yes and please.


(Cover by Rags Morales, DC Comics)

The Canterbury Cricket, so I guess like Ambush Bug? It’s a one-shot so why not, right? Rags Morales making with the art is a must.


(Flashpoint books I’m skipping outright: Abin Sur – The Green Lantern, Citizen Cold, Legion of Doom starring Heatwave, Hal Jordan)



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