The Tide is HOT; Alex González

Remember back in the day when MAD was all “That guy is HOT!”? Well welcome to back in the day with a bit o’ news shoved in there for good measure [whink]. 

Spanish actor Alex González has been cast in the role of Riptide in the new X-Men First Class movie! You guys may not remember Riptide as one of the original Marauders set up by Gambit via Mr. Sinister.

Riptide is your basic angsty long haired wind controler who is contstantly in the spandex. But who isn’t right? So  basically Alex is hot and thank god for some Latinos in an X Men franchise, am I right?!? VIVA LA RAZA! [Yeah I went there] Just as an added bonus Alex and I have the same birthday. I know how I’ll be celebrating! Check him out as Riptide in the new X Men First Class movie set to come out June 2011 & check out his web site AlexGlez for more pics and information!


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