Academy for Green League TitanZ

(Cover by Mike McKone, Marvel Comics)

Avengers Academy 12 has the fully evolved Avengers Academy kids holding the line against Korvac, while providing some juicy emotional drama on account of the destinies handed down by these future visions. Some aren’t as bright and shiny as others in this always-excellent series.

(Cover by Mike Del Mundo, Marvel Comics)

Generation Hope 6 brings another possible light to the Generation Team’s attention! Judging by the cover, I’m going with hyper-intelligent, psychic baby? It’s hinted that this might be a light they’re too late to save, however…

(Cover by Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert, DC Comics)

Green Lantern 65 & GLC 59 makes it look like the earth-born Lanterns are switching sides (temporarily?) in order to remove Parallax from the Green Lantern battery on Oa. Holy carp! (excitement continues below…)

(Cover by Tyler Kirkham & BATT, DC Comics)

Green Lantern Corps 59 actually has “Lopresti” on the cover and different cover artists on the solicit…but who cares! HOLY CRAP! John Stewart as an Indigo Corps member! No wonder DC hid these covers, this is going to be an epic Lantern tale, if they keep the momentum going.

(Cover by Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund, DC Comics)

In JLA 56, Eclipso is up to his old tricks of wreaking havoc on the moon! Let’s ignore the Doomsday interruption and see if Robinson can make this promising concept a beautiful reality. We were all rooting for you! LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS, JAMES!

(Cover by Nicola Scott & Doug Hazlewood, DC Comics)

Solstice is here to help save the day in Teen Titans 94 and the team is surely going to need her help to extract Kiran and Cassie’s parents from the demon world. TT is firmly cementing itself in my monthly must-buy list.

(Cover by Esad Ribic, Marvel Comics)

I’m always talk-talk-talking about how I want to read more Marvel and that I love the Marvel mutants…so here I go jumping full in! Uncanny X-Force 8 pits the team against the Shadow King! The big bad has taken over a nuclear facility and he’s threatening to destroy Utopia and New York. To stop him, X-Force has to kill everyone in the missile silo and deal with the consequences…

(Cover by David Yardin, Marvel Comics)

X-Factor 218 is in media res for me but the solicit sounds action-packed! X-Factor and the Black Cat are battling S.C.A.R. to save J. Jonah Jameson’s life as a team-member lies dying! That’s high stakes alright.


(Cover by Amanda Conner, DC Comics)

Zatanna 12 has an Amanda Conner cover, interior pencils by Stephane Roux and is written by Matthew Sturges. So, we’re all clear that this means we’re buying at least one issue, right? It’s gonna be spectacular!



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