While My Wallet Gently Weeps

(Cover by David Finch, DC Comics)

Action Comics 900 has a huge order to fill, wrapping up Reign of Doomsday & the Luthor storyline in one 96-page mega-issue while paying homage to the Man of Steel and the villain…people-named-Lex.

(Cover by Simone Bianchi, Marvel Comics)

Age of X: Universe 2 is almost a What If? with the reveal from the previous chapters of Age of X but that doesn’t mean the story here can’t wrap up to be an interesting (if super-gritty) tale of a world gone mad!

(Cover by Rafael Albuquerque, Vertigo Comics)

American Vampire 14 continues the WWII-era arc from the chilling close of Skinner’s appearance last issue. Henry’s in trouble over there and Pearl’s got her hands full on the home front, a pretty excellent beginning so far to another year of American Vampire!

(Cover by David Finch, DC Comics)

Brightest Day 24 is Swamp Thing/one-pissed-off-planet vs. humanity/Alec Holland (or his body at least?)! Is it bad that I’m kind of rooting for Swamp Thing?

(Cover by Francis Manapul, DC Comics)

The Flash 11 has one fiiiine cover there! Flashpoint is coming and it’s bringing red spandex! Looks like all the speedsters are getting involved in the mixup and I’m hoping Liberty Belle (Jesse Quick, geez, let’s just ignore all that beautiful JSA characterization you wrote yourself, Geoff Johns!) shows up in this second-to-last issue.

(Cover by Tyler Kirkham & BATT, DC Comics)

Green Arrow 11 takes place before the finale in BD 24 so it looks like Oliver, Galahad and the forest are bringing this party to a fiery end! Final answers about the forest’s place in the White Lantern’s plan are promised and hopefully there’s some closure to this interesting and sometimes bumpy reboot to Green Arrow. Onwards and upwards to the next story arc!

(Cover by Felipe Massafera, DC Comics)

Issue 8 left us with Mogo blasting the newly-minted earth-born Lanterns haaaaaaard and Emerald Warriors 9 continues right where we left off! Is the yellow weakness restored with the impurity in the Green Lantern Battery? Hopefully so, since the learning curve on the new rings has been steep.

(Cover by Dustin Nguyen, DC Comics)

Generation Lost 24 – JLI vs. Maxwell Lord IV! The end is here and the OMACs are angry. I hope the ending is epic and the momentum continues into a new series for these one-of-a-kind heroes!

(Cover by Felipe Massafera, DC Comics)

JSA 50 is another anniversary issue this week and it’s going to be full even for an extra-sized issue! The Society joins with the Challengers of the Unknown to uncover the dark mysteries below Monument Point and more of Senator Eagin’s past is explored as well. Felipe Massaferra’s cover is (as always) worth the price alone.

(Cover by Mico Suayan, Marvel Comics)

New Mutants 24 is the end of the line for Age of X! All secrets revealed, all Moira entities defeated and all realities restored (we hope)!

(Cover by Terry Dodson, Marvel Comics)

Uncanny X-Men 536 begins the real story line about the asylum-seeking Breakworlders and it’s going to put Colossus through the wringer! Are they as innocuous as they appeared last issue or hiding more complex motivations? We’ll see starting today and what a curveball to start off with!

(Cover by Tony Moore, Marvel Comics)

Venom 2 is Flash Thompson’s second issue as Venom and I’m seriously digging the vibe so far. Military order and dedication meets the chaos of the symbiotes, now that’s a recipe for drama and action! Kraven fights Flash in the Savage Lands over some weaponized vibranium WMDs, hoo ah!

(Cover by Don Kramer & Jay Leisten, DC Comics)

Wonder Woman 610 couldn’t possibly give me any more (awesome) chills than last issue but if anyone could make it happen, Phil Hester could. You’re making a real Wondy fan out of me, P.H., and I couldn’t be happier about it!

(Cover by Terry Dodson, Marvel Comics)

X-Men 10 concludes “To Serve and Protect” with Emma Frost and Peter Parker the last hope of the X-Men as they fight the Lizardfolk of the NY sewage system! I’m back on board Marvel, so there!

(Cover by Frazer Irving, DC Comics)

Xombi 2 is sure to continue the sheer joy and insanity of the first issue of this re-boot. Nuns with guns, immortal caucAsians & psychic school girls; I’m so happy to be on this crazy train!



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