Ultimate X-Men Makes It’s Return!

This September the Ultimate X-Men return, which we all know what that means gay Colossus!

Art by Mark Brooks

Ultimate Comics X-Men will be written by Nick Spencer and  drawn by Paco Medina.  The series will relaunch continuing with the continuity that has already been established in the Ultimate universe.  This title will have the feel of “Days Of Future Past” where mutants are becoming extinct, and are hunted down by order of the government. The X- Roster will consist of Kitty Pryde, Storm, Colossus, Iceman, Jimmy Hudson, Johnny Storm, Liz Allan and Karen Grant aka Jean Grey.  Rogue will also be a big part of this title, which it has been stated that this is a Rogue and Kitty focused book.  September is going to be a great month for comics with the release of Batwoman and now the relaunch of Ultimate X-Men.

-Aaron M


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