Weekly Anticipation: Batprey Mutantpoint!

(Cover by Jesus Saiz, DC Comics)

Birds of Prey 12 is easily the top title I’m excited for this week and it’s only partially because of this totally rad cover! Oracle and the Birds are all, “Oh! Did we blow up that building? Well, hooooowdee!” that’s a very fitting introduction to Jesus Saiz, the new ongoing series artist and a fitting start to what feels like the Birds really finding their own after Brightest Day. I can’t wait!

(Cover by Andy Kubert, DC Comics)

Flashpoint 1 kicks off the summer’s huge DC event (not like we always need one, Big Two, but I love you anyways) with Geoff Johns ode to Flash and Cyborg! It’s the same world with important points in the timeline messed up. I’ve read some promising interviews with some of the tie-in creators that seem to truly grasp the opportunity something like this provides. Fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing plenty of great character studies that are fresh and new but still cast a mirrored image of the heroes we know and love. I’m unironically stoked like a furnace and I hope it can live up to the  hype.

(Cover by Mico Suayan, Marvel Comics)

X-Men Legacy 248 is tied for third with New Mutants on my list this week but pulls ahead slightly since it officially starts this Year of the X-Men we’ve been so coyly teased about! Longtime X-Men fans, is Legacy’s hair a mutant power? Because damn, that is a mountain of mane. We’re getting the fallout of the Age of X here focusing specifically on Rogue and Magneto, two characters I’ve enjoyed in one medium or another and their sometimes-antagonism is bubbling to the surface as they try to deal with their newly acquired baggage. Sounds like an angst-ridden joyride to me!

(New Mutants 25, The Flash 12, X-Men 11 & Batman, Inc. 6 round out my pull list for the week. What are you reading?)



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