Think Twice Before Crossing this Cat!

In honor of Friday the 13th I have chosen Black Cat as our Mutant of the Day.  Felicia Hardy first donned the identity  of the Black Cat while breaking her father out of prison.  After many encounters with Spider-Man she reforms and joins forces with him to protect the city.  Fearing she is a liability to Spider-Man she undergoes a procedure that was used to create the super villain Scorpion. This experiment gives her the ability to affect probability, which basically means she has the ability of to cause bad luck for others.  She currently has more control of her powers, not to mention she is trained in various fields of martial art and acrobatics.  She equips herself with many devices to increase her strength, agility and balance.  She even has gloves that are equipped with retractable claws and a grappling hook.  Although Felicia is not a mutant she is one kick ass kitty and that is why she is our Mutant of the Day.  

-Aaron M

Art By Terry Dodson


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