windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Blackbat to Batman!

(Cover by Chris Burnahm, DC Comics)

In a week with some seriously great Marvel showings (I think I’m in love with the post Age of X angst, a little bit) and an excellent start to Flashpoint (Captain Thunder, you guys, by your powers combined!!!!!!) it’s Batman, Inc. that has taken my top spot of the week! It’s a title I wasn’t initially interested in at its outset but having picked up the past few issues for Batwoman and this one for Cassandra Cain, I find myself quietly addicted! Morrison’s gleeful Bruce Wayne is infectious, the Incorporated concept itself almost occult in its execution and the story itself (as all Morrison stories are) is gorgeously woven.

Not only does this title allow for the return of characters like Batwoman and Cassandra Cain but it opens the door for a myriad of new and diverse worldwide heroes! Seriously, if this didn’t blip on your radar before, give it a try. Hail the Detective God!



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