Weekly Anticipation: Giant-Sized

(Cover by Ed McGuiness, Marvel Comics)

X-Men Giant Size 2011 1 had one heck of a compelling preview (Emma & Scott being cute, mutants defending Utopia against the Evolutionaries) and managed to make its way to the top of my list after a solid Jubilee-centric issue before. A dark secret from the original X-Men team re-surfaces and Scott has to deal with it. Like I’ve said before, Marvel mutants + angst is exactly the basic formula that will get me to buy a Marvel issue every time. The past haunting the present and maybe the start of the schism that rips apart the X-Men? I can’t wait to see!

(Cover by Trevor McCarthy, DC Comics)

Batman: Gates of Gotham 1 is Scott Snyder writing a superhero mystery…with Cassandra Cain. Not only are we assured an excellent story with that information but the art looks promising and the story delves into the unknown depths of Gotham’s past! Mini-series like this are my favorite way to enjoy a character I’m not too familiar with like Batman. Top hats and cowls, what ho!

(Cover by Salvador Espin, Marvel Comics)

Generation Hope 7 HAD to make my top three this week because the cliffhanger from last month was just too insane! Unstable-mutant-baby-hive-mind is an idea I’ve never seen before (or thought I’d be saying but that’s comics, right?) and one that is cementing Kieron Gillen’s place in my mind as a truly creative writer. He gets what drives these world-weary teens and it’s as fun to read as it is terrifying to consider! He knows exactly how to keep testing them and drawing out their character too.

(The rest of my Giganta-sized pull list this week is Batman & Robin 23, Booster Gold 44, JLA 57, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents 7, Teen Titans 95, Zatanna 13, Alpha Flight 0.1, Avengers Academy 14, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 158, Uncanny X-Force 10, X-Factor 219, X-Men: Prelude to Schism 2, Pixies 1)



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