windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Iron Age Scots

(Cover by Liesl Adams, Arcana)

The more I thought about this week’s great reads (Pixies, Avengers Academy 14, Uncanny X-Force 10, X-Factor 219, Giant-Sized X-Men and Generation Hope)the more I kept coming back to this adorable, endearing title as the one that stood out most in my mind. It’s very clear that this little tale preludes to an animated feature (debuting in 2012) but the vibe of the art hit all my sweet spots and then some. Bright, expressive art by Liesl Adams drove the very cute story into overdrive and I hope and pray the OGN/adnimated feature (the information in the comic is a little vague) feature her work exclusively! Seriously, I don’t remember the last time 25 cents bought me something I loved so much, get this immediately if you’ve ever enjoyed a moment of a Pixar film!



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