Weekly Anticipation: Arrows Are Greener

(Cover by Joe Prado, DC Comics)

Green Arrow 12 is (of course) my most anticipated title of the week! And not just because I always love to read about my favorite character but because this is going to be JT Krul’s first legitimately self-inspired take on the title. Well, mostly, he has to deal with the aftermath of Brightest Day (Galahad, the Demon and the Star City Forest) but where we head now in the series is largely up to him and his editor, not the Brightest Day event team. Here’s to an inspired future for the Emerald Archer, long live the Queen!


(Cover by Rafael Albuquerque, Vertigo Comics)

American Vampire 15 is sure to be another excellent entry in the WWII-era arc of this always top-notch series. We get more of the creepy new vamps attacking Henry’s troop, Skinner being a grade-A ass and Pearl determined to help her human mans out. It can never be said enough that if you even kind of enjoy the stories people can tell with vampires, you will love this series. It’s a fresh take on the well-worn vampiric mythos and I can’t recall a dull issue from the outset. Rafael Albuquerque and Scott Snyder OTP!

(Cover by Victor Ibañez, DC Comics)

JSA 51 is the Marc Guggenheim issue I’ve been waiting for since he took over the title. Not that I haven’t been feeling the Monument Point storyline more and more as the arc progresses but this little side adventure into the mystical realms with Doctor Fate and Lightning is the kind of comic I’m all about! I dug much of the old Doctor Fate series and he has always been my favorite JSA character. The mixture of the human and the arcane always flips mah switches and with Lightning’s very soul on the line, things are sure to be tense!

(My remaining pull list this week is: Green Lantern 66, Green Lantern Corps 60, Emerald Warriors 10, Venom 3, Uncanny X-Men 537, The Walking Dead 85, X-Men Legacy 249 & Xombi 3)



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