windiebird’s Weekly Winner: The Dead Presiding

(Cover by Frazer Irving, DC Comics)

 Xombi 3 is my most memorable comic of the week (followed closely by Green Arrow 12, yay new directions that aren’t singing high schoolers!) based solely on how smartly it treats the audience. For us folks reading the Xombi book for the first time with this re-boot, we were expected to follow along, enjoy the things we found mysterious and alluring but to, you know, find context and immerse ourselves in the world of Xombi! These are the best kinds of stories and certainly the best kind of comic.

The regular cast of fantastic monster hunters shines but is supplemented greatly by a closer examination of Maranatha’s character and the arrival of a talkative ghost who muses for two pages about the meaning of life. A strange, beautiful book three issues in and it’s only getting better. This is possibly a less visible DC offering but so worth your time and money!


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