Weekly Anticipation: Earth Goddess

(Cover by Don Kramer & Jay Leisten, DC Comics)

Wonder Woman 611 had to earn my top pick this week (in another week of titles I’m genuinely thrilled to read) simply because Phil Hester’s scripts, though still outlined by JMS, have actually brought tears to my eyes and chills to my flesh. This reboot was off to a rocky start but has made a serious turnaround for the better. I feel like I know something about Diana now, even if I don’t know her history. Not to mention that this has become a title I’m looking forward to monthly based on the story alone! Really, it’s not to late to do what I’ve done and catch up on this Wonder Woman refitting. Especially if she’s a character you’re interested in but find the sheer canon behind her daunting.

(Cover by Andy Kubert & Sandra Hope, DC Comics)

Flashpoint 2 had to be on here, of course! I find this event a bit of an oddball after the first issue. If the tone continues going forward, we’ll find ourselves mildly amused by the main event book but will probably find the individual spin-offs and tie-ins more gratifying for our personal tastes. Which I, frankly, find pretty fantastic! I can imagine it’s a nightmare for retailers to try and gauge customer interest for particular books but I was definitely emboldened by the direction we seem to be headed in from reading issue 1.

(Cover by Daniel Luvisi, DC Comics)

I am so glad I’m caught up on Secret Six now because Secret Six 34 is guaranteed to be one twisted, delightful read! The Get Out of Hell Free card story arc has just concluded and now the team is back to the mundane world. Facing all those demons apparently is about to send Bane off the deep end (I guess that would be the deepest end for the Six) and back to his Batman-crazed bloodrage. It can only mean trouble and that can only mean one more hell of a stupendous comic from Gail Simone. Seriously, there are only five vastly under priced trades between you, a non-Secret-Six reader, and being just about all caught up on one of the best consistent comics ever.

(Avengers Academy 14.1, Batman – Knight of Vengeance 1, Secret Seven 1, The World of Flashpoint 1, iZombie 14Static Shock Special, Uncanny X-Force 11, X-Factor 220, X-Men 12 are my remaining titles this week)



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