windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Shhhh, the Violence is On

(Cover by Daniel Luvisi, DC Comics)

I always find something to enjoy about what I read, generally, and this week was no exception. However, Secret Six was my pick of the week and I think must be for anyone following the series so far! I can’t remember the Six catching this much of a break and it’s a testament to Gail Simone’s writing that I just can’t stop dreading the other shoe I know is about to drop! The Six are bonded and clarified after returning from hell. Knockout is on the mend but doesn’t remember much, Scandal gets the go-ahead from Jeanette to totally make it a threeway, Bane might have found a possible source of happiness (mating, for sure) and Ragdoll is moping but still friends (time will tell) with the group.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleased with a “transition” issue. I can’t say this enough but catching up now isn’t too difficult! The trades are available and reasonably priced and this series is just constantly amazing. Gail Simone, I tip all my hats to you and throw all my bras on your stage.



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