Weekly Anticipation: Single Soldier of Victory

(Cover by Doug Mahnke, DC Comics)

Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown 1 is the spiritual successor to Grant Morrison’s mind-blowing, gorgeous Seven Soldiers of Victory and it’s written by Jeff Lemire, so I am all over this again and again. Frankenstein is woken up in the Flashpoint world early in the war days of America (making organizations like the JSA unnecessary) and this tells the tale of his time commanding this version of the Creature Commandos. It’s a terrible world full of secrets and darkness and who better to get to the bottom of things then the unstoppable monster? I would be floored if this didn’t end up being my pick of the week. If you’re reading any Flashpoint, TRY THIS ONE!

(Cover by Sean Murphy, Vertigo Comics)

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest 1 is the universe-expanding miniseries from Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy that you just have to read if you’ve read and enjoyed American Vampire before. And if you’ve read it, you’ve enjoyed it! The Vassals of the Morningstar star in this WWII mystery as they enter Romania searching for a rumored vampire cure. Nazis, vampires and monster hunters y’all. Scott Snyder is quickly joining the like of Gail Simone and Mike Grell in my mind, meaning that if he’s involved, I’m involved.

(Cover by Jesus Saiz, DC Comics)

Birds of Prey 13 has the Birds trapped in a nightmare labyrinth engineered by Junior and only Huntress and the Question can get the team out alive! This is a return to form for the book and I can’t wait to see Gail Simone really cut loose here now that Brightest Day is over! Superspy ladies kicking ass is always the right narrative choice.

(Booster Gold 45, Citizen Cold 1, Deathstroke: The Curse of the Ravager 1, Emperor Aquaman 1, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 159, X-Men Legacy 250)



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