Uncanny X-Men – Schismed to the DEATH!

Ok, I woke  up and was like…”internet internet internet.” And the internet was all, “Rueben, Uncanny X-Men is ending have a great day”. And I made one of those faces like, “WhHHHHHAAAaaaAAAT???”. It’s true ladies and gents, Uncanny X-Men will be ending with 544 [how odd] and truly the worst thing is that Greg Land did the cover and pencils. WTF Marvel. I do feel pretty reassured about the whole schism thing though. Two teams again. Ah the days of blue and gold! We’ll see what happens!

"Art" By Greg Land

Angel is pointing to the audiance as if to say “DUDE! BROSKEE! YOU are MY BRO BRO, BRO BRO”. Kill me now.


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