windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Vassaltacular

(Cover by Cliff Chiang, Vertigo Comics)

 I ask you, my fellow humans, how this comic could have possibly not been my pick of the week? We have Scott Snyder writing as compellingly as he always does, Sean Murphy totally blowing all my minds and my menz with his pencil work (this is my first experience with his and he’s already on my artists-to-watch list) and this variant from Cliff Chiang that always makes me grin. Felicia Book is all grown up and is a full-fledged, ass-kicking agent in the Vassals of the Morningstars. She has this Renee Montoya/Buffy Summers vibe that OF COURSE makes me happy. It’s everything that’s great about American Vampire with a touch of the Buffyverse and sprinkled with Hellboy. So, you know, another sure hit from Scott Snyder! A must-buy for any fans of the AV series.



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