Weekly Anticipation: Hope on Pope

(Cover by Salvador Espin, Marvel Comics)

Generation Hope 8 features Teon peeing on the justice system! JUSTICE LIKE A WATERFALL!!! Anyways, the gang helps their resident primal-type character deal with charges levied against him and I don’t see how this could be anything but another great entry to the Generation Hope series. Kieron Gillen always brings innovative new twists to this book and as I’ve never regretted buying in. Grunts and justice hooooo!

(Cover by David Yardin, Marvel Comics)

X-Factor 221 leaves off from last month (or two weeks? This book ships a lot, y’all, and that’s a great thing!) with Feral back in town, Rahne feeling guilty for not being catholic enough and Shatterstar stabbing demons in the rain. The new story arc starts here and we can only ask that Peter David never stops writing this always excellent soap opera!

(Cover by Billy Tan, Marvel Comics)

There is almost nothing more bothersome to me in a solicit than blanked out or x-ed out names. The solicit for Avengers Academy 15 has plenty of that but since the series has been pure quality since its inception, I’m not even batting an eyelash about having no interest in Fear Itself (of which this heavily ties in, apparently) and still buying the issue. It’s the Academy kids and that means a purchase! Hank Pym something something rematch something something taste of war.

(Alpha Flight 1, Deadman & the Flying Graysons 1, Grodd of War, Wonder Woman and the Furies 1, Teen Titans 96, Uncanny X-Men 538, X-Men 13 and Prelude to Schism 3 round out my list for the week)



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