windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Amazons Attacked!

(Cover by Ed Benes, DC Comics)

 With another enjoyable week for comics, it was (surprisingly) a toss up between Wonder Woman and Deadman for my pick of the week! Alright, Flashpoint, finally getting the ball rolling! I mean, the X-books were great but this first issue totally made me hungry for more of this political intrigue/Greek tragedy, even overcoming some flawed artwork to do it. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have no need to prove their skill in the comics world but they have done it again and I know this series is going to be a phenomenon. The curious and adventurous sets out for Man’s World as usual in the Flashpoint universe…but finds trouble and Arthur the Atlantean on the way. They forge a political marriage to bring their two people together but not all of their advisors are as thrilled about the joining as they appear on the surface. Things get out of hand and Hippolyta is felled by one of her sisters, leading to war! So much ground is covered so deftly in this expository issue, I almost flew through it without realizing I was being introduced to this darker, deadlier Themyscira. Definitely not to be missed for people following Flashpoint!



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