windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Gates of Awesome

(Cover by Trevor McCarthy, DC Comics)

 The second issue of this marvelous mini-series written by Scott Snyder & Kyle Higgins and penciled by Trevor McCarthy got things really boiling with the last-page reveal (which I won’t spoil here) and it made me ravenous for issue three! This is a prime example of how there are always, always more stories to tell so long as creators are willing to think outside the box or look where no one else has.

The history of Gotham has been touched upon in previous stories and comics but Snyder and Higgins weave new plot threads seamlessly into the already well-loved tapestry of Gotham continuity and they do it masterfully. Cassandra Cain’s involvement in the series is huge relief to fans of hers and I found her banter with Damian a riot, that little Wayne is just the perfect foil for anyone with a regular sense of the world when he’s written correctly. Bring on the next Gates!



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