Weekly Anticipation: Won’t Someone Think of the Children?

(Cover by Jim Cheung, Marvel Comics)

Children’s Crusade 6 returns like Gandalf from the great beyond to bring us joy and some pure, transcendent comics. Allen Heinberg and Jim Cheung are pure magic when they’re together. Sure, the turnaround is achingly slow on these but they are more than worth every minute spent looking forlornly out of your window, waiting for the next issue to come home. The Scarlet Witch has her memories and her powers returned. This is not going to be a happy woman. Hopefully her spirit-sons can save the day along with their team! Young Avengers assemble!

(Cover by Art Adams, Marvel Comics)

Speaking of comics that seem to never make publication but are so, so lovely, Ultimate Comics X 5 finally arrives in stores Wednesday! I know the delays turned most fans off of the series but having just blazed through the first four issues a few weeks ago (and being absolutely floored at Art Adams style, see issue 2 if you want your mind blown out across the universe by the beauty of his work) I find myself not affected by the months-long delays and filled only with a happy anticipation for this series’ wrap-up! In my opinion, this series is a must for any Ultimate Marvel fans and actually sets the tone for the new Ultimate X-Men series coming up later this year, if interviews are to be believed.

(Cover by Viktor Kalvachev, DC Comics)

Green Arrow Industries is, of course, the Flashpoint one-shot I have been most looking forward to and in all honesty, the previews posted only serve to confirm that! Pornsak Pichetshote has worked in editorial for Vertigo but this seems to be his first writing gig and it looks like he’ll be making a splash! The tone of the preview makes it seem like exactly the kind of event/twisted-reality story I want to read. The best stories to come out of these kinds of things use the tropes of the usual continuity to heighten the emotional impact of the new story. It doesn’t automatically mean blood and guts and ~darknessssss~ everywhere. The arrows are now missiles.

(American Vampire 16, Batman, Inc. 7, Project Superman 1, The Canterbury Cricket, Emerald Warriors 11, JSA 80-Page Giant 2011, JSA 52, Kung Fu Panda 2, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents 8, Walking Dead 86, Wonder Woman 612, X-Men: Prelude to Schism 4, Xombi 4)



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