windiebird’s Weekly Winner: The Arrows Are Missiles

(Cover by Viktor Kalvachev, DC Comics)

Pornsak Pichetshote made magic this week in what was a legitimate Flashpoint win (as opposed to me just being happy to see Green Arrow some more). This one-shot has everything a person could hope for in a superhero comic. Relevant emotional resonance (Oliver is a removed CEO in this world and the business practices GA Industries use without his knowing have decimated many of America’s small towns), superheroic silliness (you will believe a Queen can walk on air while throwing atomic tops), tragic shocks and twists (an outraged daughter seeks revenge and a series of unlucky events lead to catastrophic conclusions) & honest to goodness characters developing!

Essentially, this could have been one of the best mini-series of the bunch but is sadly just a one-shot. I will be waiting on tenterhooks to see if he writes any comics in the future and it would be a terrible loss if he wasn’t! Come on, DC! Don’t lose this one!



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