Weekly Anticipation: Bane of July

(Cover by Daniel Luvisi, DC Comics)

Secret Six 35 is pick of this July 4th week for me because what says America more than serial killers, drug addictions and unhealthy obsessions? Secret Six is a beautifully done series that rocketed my love of Gail Simone to the moon and back. We can only hope Suicide Squad can be a fraction as quality as this sadly and rapidly concluding series. This issue marks Bane’s relapse into his hatin’-on-Batman habits and it sounds like the whole team is going to be dragged through hell and back (again) to try to stop his self-destructive war on all things Bat. Always a great read!

(Cover by Andy Kubert & Sandra Hope, DC Comics)

Flashpoint 3 gets the second place nod for me this week simply on account of the fun I’m having with this whole Flashpoint experience. I wouldn’t say we’re dealing with genre-defining literature of the highest quality here but what’s wrong with a big, splashy event every once in a while? I’m the first in line to say I’m glad we’re done with mega DC events starting in September (well, for a few months after) but that doesn’t cut down on the surface-level fun of Flashpoint. Cyborg, Flash and Batman appear to be on a collision with some kind of evil Super-character but how is that going to tie into the whole Amazon vs. Atlantean throw down happening in Europe? Mysteries and mini-series, here’s hoping for more Flashpoint shenanigans!

(Cover by Dave Johnson, DC Comics)

Batman – Knight of Vengeance 2 brings us more of this dark Flashpoint tale with appearances by Oracle and a tease of who Joker is in FP slated. I’m sure more violence, grittiness and homicide are coming right along with them but something about the way Brian Azzarello presents it makes it less of a tiring “oh great, more violence in comics” thing and more an interesting look into a twisted and depraved world. The world really is not all sunshine and rainbows and while we have more than enough blood and violence to go around, people like Brian Azzarello know how to make it emotionally impacftul (and thus interesting to read).¬†

(Secret Seven 2, The World of Flashpoint 2 & iZombie 15 are the rest of my crazy-small list this week)



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