Weekly Anticipation: War of the Schisming Fit

(Cover by Carlos Pacheco, Marvel Comics)

It’s finally here! X-Men Schism 1 arrives to fanfare, making up for the lackluster prelude (fingers crossed, anyways) and to bust up the Marvel mutant status quo! Anti-mutant sentiment is inflamed by a mutant terrorist (maybe a cell?) adding more pressure to the already stressed and provoked X-teams. An ideological crack is forming in the bedrock of Utopia and it looks like it’s only going to get worse! Beautiful covers always start an event off on the right foot.

(Cover by Doug Mahnke, DC Comics)

Green Lantern 67 comes to us all kinds of late but is technically the end of the War of the Green Lanterns, which I have enjoyed as a kind of movie-on-page event. With the major loss (as well as many smaller losses) still looming over Oa and Krona’s mad Entity-Guardians thrashing the Earth-born Lanterns we can only light a candle for Geoff Johns and pray he has it in him to bring this cinematic crossover to the conclusion it deserves without unfinished plots flailing about. It’s been a blast so far and well worth it for any Lantern fans out there!

(Cover by Sean Murphy, Vertigo Comics)

Survival of the Fittest 2 continues this week and, boy, I don’t see how the quality of the first issue could falter with this creative team! Sean Murphy is amazing, Scott Snyder is amazing and the set up is pure gold. Felicia and Cash are on their way to Romania for the fabled cure to vampirism but find themselves in trouble as Nazis (of course) shoot down their transport cutting the flight short. Beautifully rendered action, horror and undead hijinks are sure to please once again. This is a must for any American Vampires fans (which should be everyone reading this)!

(Birds of Prey 14, Dollhouse Epitaphs 1, Citizen Cold 2, Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager 2, Emperor Aquaman 2, Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown 2, Teen Titans 97, Ultimate Comics Fallout 1)



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