windiebird’s Weekly Winner: I Only Speak ze Truth!

(Cover by Carlos Pacheco, Marvel Comics)

Though War of the Green Lanterns delivered some serious shocks and twists (and ended in true Big Summer Film fashion) the winner this week was Schism #1 by a mile! The relief I felt when I put down this issue after the rocky and lackluster Prelude just can’t be expressed fully in words. Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco (writing and pencils, respectively) turned in a masterful X-Men comic and started this event off on the right foot with action, actual character development and exciting plot movement! While many of these plot threads have been used before and some fans are more than sick of them, surely, it almost doesn’t matter with how compellingly real and natural the story feels. I resonated with the X-teams and I felt the fear of a Sentinel strike right along with them. I can’t wait for more and I must insist any X-fans get in on this! This is a complete 180 from the Prelude, pick it up if you dropped it on account of that!


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