DC and Lego Building Together!

Variety has announced that Warner Bros. and Lego have teamed up once again, to release a line of “Super Hero” play-sets and figures.  Lego will have access to all of DC Entertainment’s catalog of characters and stories.  The first Super Hero Lego’s will be shown off at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, where 3,000 Batman and Green Lantern mini figures will be given away.

Image from Lego Batman

In January 2012 Lego will release 13 figures which include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Haley Quinn and Bane.  Then later in the summer more merchandise will be released centering around the move  The Dark Knight Rises.  

I obviously want to  see my favorite DC characters in Lego form, but I’m hoping that this will lead to a Lego Justice League game.

-Aaron M

Image from dccomics.com


2 thoughts on “DC and Lego Building Together!

  1. Awesome, can’t wait for those to come out as well. Hopefully we will see a good variety of X-Men Legos.

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