Weekly Anticipation: Wonder Xschism

(Cover by Joshua Middleton, DC Comics)

Wonder Woman 613 is my most anticipated pick of the week because Phil Hester is finally bringing us the two-part conclusion to The Odyssey! Diana vs. The Morrigan in a show-stopping finale…that won’t matter in two months! The thing about that though is that I’ve found this to be a legitimately captivating story arc to me. Phil Hester’s words (on top of JMS’ plot) made me care about Wonder Woman; where she’s been and where she’s going. It’s going to be one long metaphor with a strong sprinkling of ass-kicking. I am all kinds of signed up!


(Cover by Frank Cho, Marvel Comics)

X-Men Schism 2 makes the list since I loved the first issue! The only slight concern I have is that it almost felt too much like a “aww yeah, X-Men!” beginning, in that I don’t see the conflict coming to a head between Wolverine & Cyclops thus far. That’s a very minor quibble and doesn’t affect my desire to find out how this terrorist/Sentinel-response situation plays out for the beleaguered Utopians just that for an event about a rift between the mutants, we’re getting the more usual Homo sapiens vs. homo superior plot points. All masterfully done by the creative team, of course, just that my interest is genuinely piqued about how we get from point A to point Schism.

(Cover by Frazer Irving, DC Comics)

Xombi 5 is the penultimate issue of this magnificent but short-lived reboot. The team is on board the Ninth Stronghold and it’s up to David Kim to steal back the city-ship and save the day. Seriously, with only 4 other issues to pick up to be caught up, definitely seek them out! It’s strange, it’s funny it’s haunting and beautiful. This is art on top of art and well worth the time and money.

(American Vampire 17, Search for Swamp Thing 2, DC Retroactive: JLA The 70s, Kid Flash Lost 2, Lois Lane and the Resistance 2, Project Superman 2, Green Arrow 14, Green Lantern Corps 62, Emerald Warriors 12, JSA 53, Teen Titans 98, Ultimate Comics Fallout 3, Uncanny X-Force 12)



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