Weekly Anticipation: No More Secrets

(Cover by J. Calafiore, DC Comics)

It’s Secret Six 36 and the curtain comes crashing down! The Six are taking on the Batfamily in what will surely be one bloody, knockdown, drag-out brawl that will leave Gotham forever changed! Until September, at least, but no one can say Gail Simone didn’t craft one of the most amazing comics of all time! Here’s hoping we’ll see something with this book in the months to come, rather than a title canceled for good.

(Cover by Bryan Hitch, Marvel Comics)

Punisher 1 brings Greg Rucka back to the wonderful world of super (well, extra-normal) heroes! To be honest, I have negative interest in Frank Castle but I believe in Rucka’s ability to add depth and necessary dimension to a character I’ve never taken the time to read into. Honestly…this gets a few issues to prove itself, for real, but I’m not beholden to this in any way shape or form. I just love Greg Rucka’s contributions to the fictional contributions of humanity that much. Guns and killing, come to meeeee!

(Cover by Mark Bagley, Marvel Comics)

Ultimate Comics Fallout 4 is the reveal of the new Spider-Man (or Spider-Person, maybe)! I’m all caught up on my Ultimate Comics reading and Bendis has brought me to tears with his ending  and fallout of Spider-Man. I’ve been surprised by some of the twists in this mini-series so far, especially how they set up the status quo for the mutants and Thor in particular, and I’m happy to say I’m checking out all 4 of the new titles. Let’s see what happens…ultimately! Ha ha…ha…sorry…

(Avengers Academy 17, Gates of Gotham 4, Flashpoint 4, Batman – Knight of Vengeance 3, Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager 3, Secret Seven 3, World of Flashpoint 3, iZombie 16, X-Factor 223)



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