windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Secret Cessation

(Cover by J. Calafiore, DC Comics)

Polygamy, gay sub-and-supertext, body hair and one hell of a violent battle royal all play a part in this fitting (but unwelcome) end to one of the finest comic series ever. While I wouldn’t say this was the strongest single issue of the book to date, it touched on all the right chords and wrapped up a few of the dangling plot threads that would have been explored in an extended series. Thankfully, Gail Simone managed to write an ending that is satisfying while leaving open the door to new stories down the road. Especially for our own modern Napoleon, Bane, he of the muscle bear persuasion. Basically, this and every issue was a winner and I’m sure DC knows the gold they have struck with the creative combination of Gail Simone and empathetic serial killers. Basically, it’s never been a better time to hit up your local comic shop for the back issues and trades of this deeply original and unique comic series.


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