A Very Special Episode: Cloak & Dagger

I come to you a man who has sinned gravely against his Local Comic Shop. I bought digitally when I could have just as easily bought from a local business. Now don’t worry, I will be buying at least one issue of this comic physically next week but I had to take the time out of the blog to recommend this title to you after enjoying the sinful, digital fruits!

(Cover by Mike Choi, Marvel Comics)

Spider Island: Cloak & Dagger 1 is everything there is to love about a comic in one neat little package…except for the cover. My apologies to Mike Choi (who obviously has much talent, just not my personal preference in style) but the cover to this was why I avoided it in the first place. I have never experienced a more severe case of “foot in mouth” in my life. Emma Rios’ pencils are exquisite. I feel like I’m flying through a fashion show on Olympus or something. The art is pure magic. Nick Spencer’s characterization is unique, compelling and relevant and while tying into the Spider Island plot of the summer, no prior knowledge is needed to completely enjoy this title. Do yourself and great superhero comics a favor and check it out!



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