Weekly Anticipation: Ultimate Creep-Factor

(Cover by Bryan Hitch, Marvel Comics)

Ultimate Fallout 6 concludes the mostly exciting, sometimes ~creepy~ (see issue 5) event that updates and breathes new life into the Marvel Ultimate Universe. I couldn’t be more thrilled or intrigued with some of these plot threads being dropped into the room and I can’t wait to see how this plays out and into the four new series! As a person who has enjoys the Ultimate universe immensely, I find myself all kinds of on board here. Old and new fans should look for the new books coming out soon!

(Cover by Adam Hughes, DC Comics)

Zatanna 16 brings the curtain crashing down on this too-short series starring the original entertainstress and her magickal adventures. While not always perfectly expressing what makes Z such a compelling character (power mixed with grace, love, charm and humanity) this series has finally shown the spotlight on where it should have always been, on the matron of the Zatara clan. The solicit promises a guest appearance from Klarion which only doubles my excitement for this finale. Brava, brava!

(Cover by Daniel Acuna, Marvel Comics)

With a tie-in to Generation Hope this week, it seems the events of Schism are starting to be felt. Schism 3 pits the X-Men against not only the world (I guess it’s Tuesday, right?) but against the ickiest of incarnations of the Hellfire Club. Disgusting genius-psychopath children! I haven’t quite felt the intra-Utopia schism-ing that we’ve been promised so far but I’m sure these final three issues will really put the heat on the mutants living on the island.

(The rest of my pull this week is Avengers Academy 18, The Outsider 3, Wonder Woman and the Furies 3, Generation Hope 10, Green Lantern Corps 63, JLA 60, The Walking Dead 88, X-Factor 224)



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