Weekly Anticipation: Wonder Canny Ultimates

(Cover by Kaare Andrews, Marvel Comics)

Ultimate Comics Ultimates 1 – and the rest of the new Ultimate Comics titles – are all covered by my arch-art-nemesis…but that doesn’t change my jubilant, crazy-fan elation this week in the slightest! Jonathan Hickman writes with a goal in mind and always with character first and Esad Ribic’s preview art is stunning. This looks like a strong start to a new Ultimate Universe, be sure to pick it up on Wednesday!

(Cover by Joshua Middleton, DC Comics)

Wonder Woman 614 concludes what has slowly and surely become a favorite title of mine. A simple but fitting metaphor to end it all (until next month); Diana literally battling the worst parts of herself in order to define and discover who she really is. Phil Hester, thanks for introducing me to how cool Wonder Woman can be. JMS, even though I give you nothing but flak, thanks to you too for coming up with a pretty neat idea…for Phil to finish, sorry! Really though, thanks for making this happen, DC, I’m now a true fan of Diana thanks to this mini-reboot of hers.

(Cover by Esad Ribic, Marvel Comics)

Uncanny X-Force 13 makes the list simply for its enduring quality in art and scribing! The Age of Apocalypse may be giving up a few of its weary inhabitants to the main 616 before long (Nightcrawler for sure and possibly Jean?) so this is one to watch for fans of just this series and the larger Marvel Mutant continuity as well. Darkness! Blood! ~ANGST~! But done so well, it accomplishes these overdone tropes perfectly with honest and engaging character development on top of it.

(American Vampire 18, Gates of Gotham 5, Batman Incorporated 8, Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing 3, Kid Flash Lost 3, Lois Lane & The Resistance 3, Project: Superman 3, Green Arrow 15, Emerald Warriors 13 and Justice Society of America 54, Xombi 6)



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