Weekly Anticipation: A League of Their Own

(Cover by Jim Lee & Scott Williams, DC Comics)

Justice League 1 is the new universe after Flashpoint 5’s Big Bang and I admit to being fully and unironically on the edge of my seat for this! If I have the timeline down correctly, this is five years in the past from the majority of the rest of the DCnU titles. Batman is bringing the Justice League together to stop a threat only all of them combined can stop! Best of luck to Geoff Johns and the rest of the DCnU story teams. We’re all rooting for you!

(Cover by Esad Ribic, Marvel Comics)

Uncanny X-Force 14 continues the Dark Angel Saga and the crew’s jaunt in the AoA seems to be at an end…only to have them show up in the 616 with Warren and one hefty, motley crew of Apocalypse servants ready to take down X-Force! Plenty of action but it leaves me wondering how the rest of this 8-part arc will play out. Ah well, beautiful art and solid characterization always rule the day, a must buy!

(Cover by Jo Chen, Dark Horse Comics)

Angel & Faith 1 brings the old band back into the same orbit again! All this brooding, I can’t wait! AND WRITTEN BY CHRISTOS GAGE! I personally enjoyed season 8, warts and all, so I’m looking forward to a more unified and sleek season 9 (and related tie-ins). Especially with such a promising cast and creative crew. I can’t exclaim my excitement enough!!!!!!

(Flashpoint 5, Mindfield 6 and Ultimate Comics Hawkeye 1 are the last of my comics on this exciting but light week)



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