Winner/Anticipation: Faingel & The Manimal

Phew, I’m way off schedule here and I apologize! Labor Day has clearly made me a lazy American. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still full steam ahead on my excitement for the DCnU. However…

(Cover by Jo Chen, Dark Horse Comics)

Angel & Faith was my clear winner last week, it seems Christos Gage can do no wrong in my book! Leading from the traumatic events of season 8, we get this strong first opening for what’s to come. A must read for Buffy and Angel (and Faith) fans! Trust me, after last season’s major death and the emotional aftermath that must follow that for Faith, you will be totally hooked.

(Cover by Travel Foreman, DC Comics)

Animal Man 1 has art that I can’t friggin’ get enough of! I love creepy and I love weird. Travel Foreman has both in spades and Jeff Lemire is a savant when it comes to such things. This is apparently as much about Buddy’s daughter Maxine as it is him which is a mystery that makes this priority number one in reading this week.

(Cover by Yanick Paquette, DC Comics)

Swamp Thing 1 sees Alec Holland returned completely to the Swamp Thing elemental complex in mind, soul and body. While not a concept that would regularly assure me of the quality of a title, Scott Snyder writing (and writing one of his favorite characters to boot) with Yanick Paquette’s breathtaking naturescapes makes this a must-read for anyone. Seriously, take a moment to breathe in that cover.

(Cover by Adam Hughes, DC Comics)

Batgirl 1 has proven itself worthy of a buy to me from the preview pages posted to the web as well as Gail Simone’s tireless campaigning for the book. I’m letting myself be optimistic that Ms. Simone won’t let the editorial change of Oracle to Batgirl be an ableist misstep and that an entertaining comic is in that premise just waiting to be found and developed. Here’s hoping for a great DCnU!

(Action Comics 1, Batwing 1, Detective Comics 1, Green Arrow 1, Hawk & Dove 1, JLI 1, O.M.A.C. 1, Static Shock 1, Stormwatch 1 and X-Factor 224.1 are my remaining books this week.)



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