Weekly Anticipation: Will.I.Ams (III) Let the Beat Drop!

(Cover by JH Williams III, DC Comics)

Batwoman 1 is the title everyone should read from the DCnU, no excuses. Amy Reeder and J. H. Williams III are absolutely genius. We can only hope W. Haden Blackman and J. H. Williams III have Kate down but with so much preparation time and so much fan feedback, I don’t see how they could miss the important steps (not to mention Williams’ original run with Greg Rucka). Bring on the Hydrology!

(Cover by Steve Morris, Dark Horse Comics)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Season 9: Freefall 1 is our introduction to a world without Slayers (as well as Season 9). Buffy is a waitress once more trying to find her way in a world that she has largely disrupted in an attempt to make it better. Friends have died and some still hate her. She has no purpose but what she makes. Honestly, this season 6/dark/desperate vibe is one I really connect with. Joss Whedon even took out time from The Avengers to make this top-notch so this must be worth it! Love that Steve Morris cover, as well.

(Cover by Kaare Andrews, Marvel Comics)

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 1 marks Miles Morales’ first solo title as the new Spider-Man and I couldn’t be happier to see it arrive! The little we’ve seen of him in Death of Spider-Man assured me that Brian Michael Bendis could make it work. The Ultimate world is tense right now and Miles has to deal with the past of Peter Parker while still attempting to be a hero. A perfect recipe for a comic! Old fans and interested newbies should feel confident in picking this up.

(My remaining pull for this week is Batman and Robin 1, Demon Knights 1, Frankentstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. 1, Green Lantern 1, Mister Terrific 1, Red Lanterns 1, Resurrection Man 1, Suicide Squad 1, Superboy 1, Dollhouse: Epitaphs 3, IZombie 17, and Uncanny X-Force 15)



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