windiebird’s Weekly Winner: New Kid on the Block

(Cover by Sara Pichelli, Marvel Comics)

What an exciting week for comics! Barring a few beats in Red Lanterns and Suicide Squad that didn’t work for me, I honestly enjoyed my entire pull list. Choosing just one winner has never been tougher but the combination of Brian Michael Bendis at his best and Sara Pichelli absolutely sculpting beauty in this week’s relaunch of the Ultimate Spider-Man book has issue 1 as my top-of-the-heap!

Miles Morales is likable, empathetic and in the middle of a mess the loving but imperfect adults in his life have put him in. This was mostly an introduction to his story, tying in this new take seamlessly into the Ultimate Spider-Man mythos that came before. Long time fans will find everything to enjoy here and I didn’t see a single panel that might confuse a new reader. Honestly, this is one you need to read. Pick it up at a local store or online but give this a chance!


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