Weekly Anticipation: The Tortoise on Crusade

(Cover by Jim Cheung, Marvel Comics)

Children’s Crusade 7 is here and will it be perfect or too perfect? What’s more to say than that? This will be a fun, beautiful comic; no other outcome is possible. I am mighty curious to see how this fits into the Marvel continuity though, once it all shakes out. Must-buy for everyone!

(Art by Cliff Chiang, DC Comics)

Wonder Woman 1 kicks off the bizarre but promising pairing of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang on a horror-themed Wondy book!(???) If the promise of a powerful, compassionate warrior goddess kicking ass and taking names isn’t enough to get you into this then PLEASE check out the preview art and get in line to buy it at your local shop! (Oh and the official cover has her in the bathing suit outfit but I prefer the pants in this one image.)

(Cover by Mike Choi, Marvel Comics)

Cloak & Dagger 2 continues the practically perfect (in every way except cover art, sorry Mike Choi!) series that pairs Nick Spencer and Emma Rios on a madcap adventure featuring the unnoticed duo of Cloak and Dagger! Danger abounds during the Spider-Island infection and these two are just trying to live through it. I won’t spoil issue 1 now because I need you to rush out (or online) and get it then this one. I’ll wait. Ignore the cover, love the book!

(My other reads this week are Generation Hope 11, Batman 1, Birds of Prey 1, Blue Beetle 1, Captain Atom 1, Catwoman 1, DCU Presents 1, Green Lantern Corps 1, Nightwing 1, Red Hood and the Outlaws 1, Supergirl 1, Ultimate Comics Hawkeye 2, Ultimate Comics X-Men 1, X-Factor 225 and X-Men: Schism 4)



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