windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Emma Rios Talent Explosion

(Cover by Mike Choi, Marvel Comics)

Cloak & Dagger #2 is hands down the winner this week with another perfect issue by Nick Spencer (script) and Emma Rios (art). It can’t be overstated that Emma Rios is on another level with her illustrating here. Both Cloak and Dagger have never, ever looked better. I’m still not a fan of the covers but that isn’t even a speed bump on the road to comics immortality that this limited series should be riding on. Plenty of fighting and action are blended with mystery and emotional impact as Mr. Negative seeks to end the question mark surrounding Dagger’s supposed destiny and his. I can’t wait until the next issue drops and I hope you do yourself the favor of reading these as well! Only three issues in total and two of them are already out. Hit up your local comic shop or find them digitally, just get in on this book!


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