Weekly Anticipation: Miles Beyond the Rest

(Cover by Kaare Andrews, Marvel Comics)

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 2 keeps the Miles train rolling right along and what a start it was! Brian Michael Bendis sure knows how to write an empathic teen, doesn’t he? Miles’ family, context and environment are efficiently set up in issue one (seriously, it’s a beautifully done, speedy work of introductions) paving the way for his first real hero-ing in issue two. A scared but compassionate kid finding his way in the world against innumerable forces and foes. If that’s not Spider-Man, what is?

(Cover by Tyler Kirkham and Batt, DC Comics)

New Guardians 1 features Kyle Rayner and one representative from each of the 6 other light wielding corps on a mission from god. Or the Guardians. I’m mostly excited because I finally get to see my Indigo girls in an actual comics that’s (partially) based on their story! Kyle has had some of the most interesting stories as a Green Lantern (see the 90s) so with such a bizarre setup, the veteran creative team and him as the protagonist, I’m quite hopeful this will be another successful DCnU book right up there with Green Lantern Corps and all the rest.

(Cover by Ryan Sook, DC Comics)

Justice League Dark 1 features the mystics of Vertigo and DC protecting the world from threats not even the Justice League proper or International can handle! Dark, mystical powers, amazing characters with stellar runs on previous books (see the four Madame Xanadu trades from Vertigo for an example) and Peter Milligan bringing Constantine to the larger DC audience? Count me all kinds of in! The only reason this isn’t top of the list is that I’m worried the cast of characters will end up being too much for this kind of book and that we’ll lose out on development. Win or lose, it’s going to be one to check out for sure!


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