Weekly Anticipation: Round Two!

Ack! I’m late for a very important date! These are this week’s comics and I can’t wait to read them!

(Cover by Travel Foreman, DC Comics)

If Animal Man 2 is more of the great, grotesque story that we had the first go ’round then I will be one super-happy animal! Buddy (plus one creepy-ass offspring) are dealing with a surge of something strange and deadly in The Red. As personal a problem as that sounds, I can’t wait to see for myself!

(Cover by Adam Kubert, Marvel Comics)

X-Men: Schism 5 is the end of the road for the dystopian Utopian society! No more mutant-islands, etc.! I’m very curious to see how this ends up for the two men schism-ing all over each other but even more so am I excited to see the Regenesis to follow. Jean Grey Institute, here I come!

(Cover by Guillem March, DC Comics)

Huntress 1 features Helena (Bertinelli, one may presume) kicking all kinds of criminal ass in Italy, art by Marcus To (and John Dell) AND it’s written by Paul Levitz, the original Helena Wayne creator himself. This is exactly the kind of book everyone should be reading! Check it out however you’re able!

(My remaining reads this week are Action Comics 2, Detective Comics 2, Green Arrow 2, iZombie 18, JLI 2, O.M.A.C. 2, Penguin: Pain & Prejudice 1, Stormwatch 2, Swamp Thing 2 and The Walking Dead 89)



3 thoughts on “Weekly Anticipation: Round Two!

  1. I’m looking forward to Huntress, too. Most people I know are completely apathetic about it. Also a plus, the only involvement Guillem March has is the cover, so it hopefully won’t be too cheesecakey.

    As excited as I am for Huntress, Action Comics, and X-men: Schism, my biggest hope is that Detective Comics is better than last month.

  2. Right? When forced to do a fully clothed person, March does some fully awesome work! 1 through 3 all have covers worthy of hanging on the wall, to my taste.

    Having read Detective Comics for the first time last month (featuring Batman, anyways) I have to say I ended up liking it for the most part. I wouldn’t have noticed if anyone was behaving out of character or if anything from past continuity was off kilter though, of course.

  3. It wasn’t so much that anyone was acting out of character or anything like that, it was just kind of a run-of-the-mill Batman story. Nothing great or horrible. Just kind of blah-feeling. As I mentioned in my review of #2 over on my blog, the second one seems to be going downhill, as far as I’m concerned. It was kind of most of the annoying things about Batman stories all rolled into one (and this is coming from a huge Batman fan). At this point I say save your money and get something good like Batgirl or something great like Batwoman, if you aren’t already.

    Huntress was amazing though. I wish it was more than just a mini-series.

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