windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Pain Austen!!!

(Cover by Szymon Kudranski, DC Comics)

In a great week for DCnU books (definitely be reading the other new mini out this week, Huntress, as well!) Penguin: Pain & Prejudice 1 was far and away my favorite read. While the art was sometimes a little under-done and copy-pasted in a few parts, a large portion of it was pure brilliance (e.g. the cover). What shone the most for me was Gregg Hurwitz’ script and the clear influence he has from the regular prose world. There almost isn’t a need for art with how deftly he sets up the terrible, dark world that created the Penguin and the world he creates for himself in the current day. I felt immediately taken into the story and was so sad when I reached the end but just as ready to pick it up next month! Seriously, you don’t need to be a Batman fan in the slightest to have this story get up and grab you. Give it a go!


6 thoughts on “windiebird’s Weekly Winner: Pain Austen!!!

  1. i know you said you don’t have to be a Batman fan to like this, but I am a Batman fan who almost bought this for that reason alone. The Penguin hasn’t really excited me since Batman Returns (and I was like 8 or 9 at the time), though. Is it something that would make me interested in Mr. Cobblepot, even if I have a relatively high level of apathy for the character (at least compared with some of the Bat’s rogues)?

  2. You know, I think anyone would find this completely engaging because it feels like a completely new, beautifully executed take on the character. Previous feeling is irrelevant, good or bad, if I’m thinking about it completely enough.

    Basically, I was taken into the story 100%. It could have been about any criminal (with a deeply tragic past) and would have been just as top-notch. The Bat-universe trappings are just gravy ^_^

  3. Well, assuming that my comic shop still has a copy (which seems probable, as little press as this series seems to be getting), I’ll probably pick it up. But I swear, if I get invested in the series and then in the final issue the trick umbrellas start showing up, I may punch a baby.

  4. Ha! I really don’t think we’re on a collision with the campy train on this one. It’s all serious business but not so ~dark & brooding~ that it becomes a parody. I can’t say it enough, it perfectly achieves the tone so many modern age books miss when they go for the edgier material.

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