Weekly Anticipation: Haus of Kara

(Cover by Mahmud Asar, DC Comics)

Supergirl 2 actually wins out for me as my most anticipated title this week because I just could not wait to see what happened next after issue 1. Mahmud Asar and Dan Green have such a clean and idyllic art style, it feels vaguely like Francis Manapul to me while still being unique. The Michael Green & Mike Johnson script had me riveted with the chaotic and mysterious appearance of our leading lady and the confusion she feels in this strange, new world. Basically, I can’t wait and this could very well end up being one of my favorite books to come out of the DCnU.

(Cover by Greg Capullo, DC Comics)

Batman 2 is something that Scott Snyder has written and, therefore, will be a great read! Mindless fan-ing aside, the first issue was an excellent Batman story for new or old fans alike. Greg Capullo adds a necessary (but necessarily restrained) darkness to this tale about a villain older than Batman’s familiarity with Gotham and the combination of script and art on this couldn’t be more appropriate. This is just good comics and should be on any superhero-reader’s pull list.

(Cover by Alex Garner, DC Comics)

Green Lantern Corps 2 continues this fabulous (if slight) retooling of the GLC book, starring Guy Gardner and John Stewart. Peter J. Tomasi provided the most efficient and endearing introductions to both characters in the first issue post-reboot (which I highly recommend!) and this will hopefully keep that gravy train rolling. The earth Lanterns are leading the Green Corps against ~an evil from the depths of spaaaace~ once more (for the first time) and this couldn’t be a better time to get into the Green Lantern mythos! Give it a read.

(The rest of my reads this week are Birds of Prey 2DCU Presents 2Justice League 2Kung Fu Panda 3Ultimate Comics Hawkeye 3Wonder Woman 2X-Factor 226 and Xenoholics 1)



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